Writer Instructions

To apply, please write a 250- to 300-word article discussing the title and keyword specified in the assignment.


In addition to the below instructions, please use our STYLE GUIDE BY CLICKING HERE.


Use CREATIVE and interesting headings and subheadings and use the Heading 2 style in the formatting toolbar to organize and break up content. 


Paragraphs should be no more than 2-3 sentences. 


Continuous blocks of text will not be accepted or reviewed. 


Be sure to include an introduction and conclusion.


Remember—the goal is to grasp and hold the attention of readers while providing useful information.


The article should be fun, informative, shareable, and light!


Please note that we have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to plagiarism.



*** Additional Info ***

We have regular, consistent, and interesting work on a variety of topics for talented writers! 


We’re looking for submissions that engage the reader. Use a conversational and relatable tone.


Writing should leave readers begging for more.
Keep them interested and hanging on to your words.

Writing style should be easy and a pleasure to read.

Write in an authentic, down-to-earth voice that is easy for readers to relate to.


Your reader might not care about the technical aspects of a particular make and model of a vehicle, for example, but they should be able to trust the information you deliver about the car because your tone is human, real, and you write with a purpose.


Our topics range from city landmarks and restaurants to health and beauty–and everything in between.

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