Using Twitter Advanced Search

With nearly 5,000 tweets a second and over 100 million tweets daily, Twitter is a database waiting to be tapped. Twitter is flooded with crucial information that can be valuable to any individual or organization. Twitter Advanced Search is a goldmine that helps search for useful and specific data.

How to use Twitter Advanced Search

Advanced Search is not yet available on the Twitter app, and that’s why you are unaware of it. Twitter’s Advanced Search is only available on its Website via any web browser. Go to on your browser window and enter any search query in the Search box. The results page will give you the results and the Advanced Search option on the top right. Click Advanced Search to open the complete range of search operators.

Twitter Advanced Search operators

Advanced Search is a complete search tool. The Advanced Search toolkit has specific operators to help refine the search and specify the information desired from a search result. With an Advanced Search, you can search for specific information by the following parameters.

  1. Content
  2. People/ Accounts
  3. Date and Time

For ease of understanding, we have shared search examples (given in parenthesis) with every option.

Word Search

  • Tweets containing all words (“Twitter” and “search”)
  • Exact phrase (“Google Analytics”)
  • Any word (“iPhone” or “iPad”)
  • Specific (“Apple” but not “iPad”)
  • Hashtag (#linkedin)
  • Language (written in Chinese)

People Search

  • Specific account (Tweeted by “@elonmusk”)
  • Replies to a particular account (in reply to “@BillGates”)
  • Mentioning these accounts (Tweet includes “@tesla”)

Date Search

  • Tweets made on a specific date or within a date range
  • Tweets from any particular date

All search results are broadly segregated into Top, Latest, People, Photos and Videos categories, making discerning information easier. Advanced Search will seem daunting and may overwhelm users at first. However, it’s an amazing way to search for any data. Twitter is not just a dynamic information goldmine; it empowers users to search and locate any specific data. With so many operators, you may need time to get used to all the features.

In addition to the Advanced Search, several additional search operators help you refine the search even further. However, they are meant for advanced users and are out of the scope of this article. Nevertheless, you can find information about them online once you master the Advanced Search feature. The Advanced Search option is enough to get you all the necessary information.

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