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Travel tips for Singapore


Hi all, thanks to my friends, I cud accurately plan out my 45-day tour of Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. In this post, I will cover my 8days Singapore journey.

I am covering tips that I feel are unique and must know.

1. In flight to Singapore, always select window seat labeled “A” for an amazing 2-hour view of the land, ocean, and city. check my video. 
2. Singapore is very expensive, so please cut costs where you can. hostels are from 12-20 SGD. If you like to party, stay close to Clarke Quay, its an excellent party hub.
3. Buy all tickets to excursions at your hostel, way cheaper than online deals.
4. Use google maps for finding accurate info on rides (metro/bus) and timings in Singapore.

5. Use the bus (rather than metro) as you can see the beautiful city. The metro is underground. A tourist pass is also cheap. use longer bus rides (Bus No 147) that will help sightseeing the city.
6. Use the Bicycle as they are very cheap. I used the free bicycle ride offer from Ofo valid in December.
7. walk walk walk, its the best way to explore the city. practice walking around 6-8 km every day before you arrive in Singapore.
8. Eat at local hawker food stalls for 5-10 dollars/ meal. Cheapest is Little India. carry some food from India (noodles/biscuits/dry fruits) to cut costs, choose a hostel with free breakfast and tea/coffee all day. avoid bottled water, tap water is very safe. carry a 2-liter water bottle and fill water at hostels.

9. Avoid 7-11 and go to local stores to buy anything as its much cheaper. 7-11’s in posh areas are very expensive (e.g. Marina Bay), so avoid buying in these areas.
10. I found china town very expensive for food and shopping. Mustafa Center in little India was better and is open 24×7. yes!
11. The city is hot and rains sometimes. Wear shorts n tees and do carry a raincoat/ umbrella.
12. there are excellent free music and art performances (check video) at the Esplanade Outdoor Theater (opposite Marina Bay Sands hotel) in the evening starting at 7-8pm. don’t miss it as it’s free and really good.
13. Take basic medicines/ first aid kit (crocin/combiflam/dettol/bandages) just in case as medicines are very expensive.

total expense –
Hostels – 12*8
food – 13*8 (thanks to free breakfast at the hostel)
travel – 52 (thanks to free bicycle rides)
tickets – 60
TOTAL – 312 = Rs 15000 !!

1. Sentosa Island – Full Day trip required to explore this beauty. To save monorail ticket money, walk to the “Waterfront” monorail station, the ride is free from there. the return monorail journey is always free. Tram rides are free within Sentosa. Palawan beach is the best, but you can explore all the other beaches as well. There is a lot more to see that time on hand.
2. Go for Free walking tours (e.g. in little India)
3. Do explore the port and the Marina (where beautiful speed boats and yachts are docked)
4. Do visit MacRitchie Reservoir Park, a beautiful park has an eight-kilometer tree top hike, with bridges suspended high above the forest floor. check video.
5. Explore unique attractions like the Tintin shop, Harry Potter cafe, Clarke Quay, Museums.
6. Don’t miss the only “Michelin star stall” in whole South East Asia certified by Gordon Ramsey himself. The famous Chicken Rice costs only 2-3 dollars, yes!
7. Don’t miss Universal Studios Sentosa – many shows and rides, its a true value for money. Only 2 places outside of the USA, Japan and Singapore.
8. Visit the Skydeck on Maina Bay Sands on the last day. It’s expensive but totally worth it and a good way to complete the travel.

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