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Tips for best massage in Bali

Bali’s absolutely stunning natural scenery, tropical beauty, tranquil landscape, and beautiful ambiance makes it a perfect holiday destination to unwind and relax. And there’s no better way to treat than indulging yourself in a Bali Massage? A journey to exotic Bali is never complete without getting a relaxing, full body massage.

Bali, one of the most favored destinations in South East Asia, offers unparalleled beauty and diversity. Known to a tourist paradise, it has everything in store for any type of tourist, be it a backpacker, medium budget, luxury travel, honeymoon destination, and a solo traveler. You name it, and you have that service available in Bali. Such is the development due to mass tourism which has benefitted the economy immensely.

One of the prime sources of attractions in South East Asia is an affordable but high-quality massage service available at every corner. From budget to ultra luxury, these services cater to every need and every traveler. Tourists usually pt for a SPA and massage resort to avail these services, but you can also stay at normal hotels and avail these services available at every nook and corner.

Thailand and Bali are very well known for the Spa and Massage services in SE Asia. While the Thai massage can be rigorous offering deeper relaxation and benefits associated, the Balinese massage is softer and gentler and therefore feels more soothing on the body. Thai massage can leave you tired but rejuvenated, but the Balinese massage will always make you feel refreshed. Obviously, they have their own benefits. There are no negative sides to a massage.


Bali Body to Body Massage Video 


Bali is renowned as Asia’s spa paradise, with world-class facilities and a pretty extensive list of treatments and therapies on offer. Massages, therefore, have now become one of Bali’s top tourist attractions.

Massage combines techniques of different kinds like acupressure, reflexology. these techniques have been developed with influences from practices of China, Southeast Asia, and India. Tourists can opt for treatments like reflexology, hot stone therapy, body scrubs and more. Traditional massage therapies are mixed with aromatherapy and essential oils to give an even better experience. It’s great to relieve tired muscles, repair strained or damaged tissue and improve overall blood circulation. It helps in stress-busting and boosting the mood. It will cure insomnia, improve sleep quality, make the body healthy and fresh, help fight stress and depression and also improve appetite.

Tips and Tricks for Bali Massage

These local day spas are not as glamorous as those you would usually find in Bali’s five-star hotels. But, they are still really good places to visit for a super pampering Balinese massage,  a scrub and facial or more. These local standalone day spas are also great places to drop into if you are planning for short treatments.

Javanese Lulur, Sasak massage, Urat massage, Balinese Boreh are some of the popular variants of the Balinese massage. Bali massage techniques have evolved throughout Indonesia over several years.

Bali massage can be very cheap and also relaxing

There are quite a few massage services available and not all are the same or provide the same level of services. And obviously, you have to be careful while going to any of these services. Follow the below-mentioned tips to understand how to be careful when you choose a massage service.

  1. Never really look at the price if you are looking for good service. Of course, it should not cost you a bomb, but don’t go looking for a cheap one as it will be an absolute waste of money. However, good service comes at a decent price. Never expect anything lower than 100K IDR, else the quality will not be good. This is the entry-level price point. The prices in Bali are the best part. They can be downright cheap, so cheap that you can go for 2 massages in a day without having to think about it.
  2. Before selecting any place, do read the reviews online (Google/Tripadvisor/Facebook), ask locals, inquire with your hotel as they can advise best. Also, walk into the facility to understand how genuine and good they are. Talk to them to understand their services to know how professional their approach is. This will help you make a proper choice. A good place will have a proper storefront and employees in uniforms. Anything else is unregulated and questionable.
  3. Usual prices will range from 100k – 130K IDR for 60 minutes massage. And 130k – 180k IDR for 90 minutes. A massage at a hotel will cost you more as they will include local taxes and service charges on top. So be mindful of that.
  4. Never select 30mins service. Time really flies when you go for a massage and a 1-hour massage is a bare minimum. You will never feel completely satisfied or content with a 30-minute service. They will need 15-20 mins just to open the body for the massage. And then the actual massage starts. It’s a slow process and demands its own time, but due to commercial reasons and to offer services at a lower price, they are forced to offer 30-minute massages as well. The massage was never meant to be fast and you will never feel full benefits if you go for a short one. So spend extra and go for at least the 1 hour one.
Tips for the best massage in Bali
  1. The longer the massage the cheaper the service. If you promise to be a regular customer, they can offer you even more discounts. So it’s up to you finally.
  2. A good massage is so relaxing that you will fall asleep. That’s the best way to judge if the massage is good. It completely relaxes the body and you will find relaxing energy throughout your body. Difficult to describe here but sure one to be experienced.
  3. Massages are of different types, usually Feet, Head and Full body. There can be other variations as well. Body massages are expensive as compared to foot and head massage.
  4. Massage can be done at any time of the day. In fact, you will frequently find people asking for a massage at the beaches as well. It’s not uncommon to see people get foot, shoulder and head massage while relaxing at the beach sipping beer.
  5. The best time to go for a massage is in the afternoon or evening before a meal. Usually, people prefer one after a long day out of walking and exploring. It feels nice and relaxes you before a good break of dinner. It also ensures a really good night of sleep.
  6. The good ones are always on the main streets or shopping complexes. Always in the main area and not the shady areas. That’s one way to identify if its a shady place or not.
  7. Also you can havea look at the clients and understand if they have a good clientele or not. Places with good clientele are definately the best.
  8. A good Massage clinic will never reduce their rates to suit you instantly or come running after you. They know their services and are confident of their business. Thats another way of identifying a good one.
  9. You can start with a foot or head massage and you will surely know if they are really worth it or not. It wont cost you much but if you are feeling confident about a place, you can use ths way before finalizing them if you still have any doubts.
  10. A good massage will always leave you asking for more. Trust me on this one, you will not want to leave that place and your body will ask for more. Thats the identity of a good Balinese massage.
  11. A good masaage salon will never ask for tips, but be sure to give some if you really liked it. If you become a regular, they will offer you personalized services as well.
  12. Last but not the least, leave them a good review online if you liked their services, this will help other co-travellers. Recommend people there as word of mouth is the best publicity.

These are enough tips to get you started and should help you find a good massage experience. Hope this helps.

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