The Fun Factory Sharevibe

The Fun Factory Sharevibe is a really interesting-looking dildo we have come across. The shape looks so naughty, almost as if indicating what’s it’s going to do to you. Whoa! Hold on, Hold On! Let’s review it first.
The attractive colors and the shape got to us first. We loved the look and feel as it instantly got into the mood. The short end is about 5 inches which go into the vagina and the small bump at its end helps massage the clitoris. The soft velvety touch and the lovely vibrations coming out are going to draw in waves of pleasures in you. It’s waterproof, so use some nice jelly and have a go at it. Insert it well, take a deep breath and turn it on. Oh did we hear a moan!

Overall an excellent product and if looks could kill.. oh lord yes! The way it looks, it resembles a G, but does it hit that spot? Oh, cum on! Time for round two..

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