My Travel Essential kit

These are the items that I always carry with me for travel. Very Very essential, handy and I cannot imagine travel without them. You have to buy them only once and they can be used in daily life as well as saving money for everyone and so you can travel more.

These are very cheap things to buy. You will also look very stylish wearing them. SO better buy them in advance and use them always even when not traveling.


My 7kg Air Asia Travel Backpack 5 years Warranty (carries 10kgs)

My big backpack for long travels – 5 Years warranty (carries 14-15kgs)

Mens and Womens waterproof travel pouch

When travelling, we have a lot of documents, flight prints, boarding passes, passports, identification documents, Cash, change, earphones, mobiles, debit/credit cards, etc. This can be too much to keep in pockets. Its very important to keep your documents and cash safe when travelling. Many travellers either lose documents or cards or cash while travelling as its difficult to keep all of them together. THis bag is very safe and very thin and waterproof as well. you can wear it on your waist or inside your tshirt/shirt as well.

Travel Adapter and Charger for all countries:

Very important travel accessory. It is almost 600-800 rupees in foreign countries. So dont forget to buy and pack this before you go.

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Multi-phone charging cable

Travel Pillow

They come in many shapes and sizes. You can select one from below as per your budget.

Product 1

Product 2

Product 3

Weighing scale

I personally use this one to weigh my bags while packing so I can carry everything I can in 7kg category. It is very accurate and you can use it in the house as well.

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Packing Cubes or Travel Organizer

Very useful when you need to organize clothes, underwear, shoes, toiletries etc separately.

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Protection is very important when you want to have fun. Stay Safe guys.

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