Malana – A mysterious village

Malana is 25-30 km away from Kasol, Himachal Pradesh. Most popularly famous worldwide for Malana Cream made from Marijuana plant extract, it has a lot of other interesting facts.

Thats me during the trek to Malana village

1. Home to decedents of Alexander The Great, they are of Turkish/ Greek origin and also have very different physical and facial features. They do not consider themselves Indian. They themselves claim some soldiers from Alexanders army settled down there centuries ago. 
2. They consider the rest of the world untouchables and so no one in the village touches you. Not even the kids. If you touch them or their houses, there is a fine of 5000 rupees which is clearly mentioned on board. Most don’t agree to be even photographed.
3. They marry within their own community which is only 500-700 strong. They speak a weird language that cannot be written. Only spoken. 
4. They worship a god unknown to us, however, the temple has Indian engravings and the main door has Ganesha. 
5. The region has beautiful flora and fauna and I have enclosed only a few pics. Do comment if you like them.
6. The view from the village is mesmerizing. It has to be seen to be believed. The ride to the village is absolutely beautiful. 
7. The village is calm, peaceful and offers treks to upper reaches of mountains for those seeking more adventure.

Cheers and Happy travels.

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