Gifts for knitters

Actions speak louder than words! Don’t they? Yes, and makes more impact than even words, lifelong impact. And that’s why they say, the key to forging or bonding relationships is by way of gifts. Small or large, doesn’t make a difference as long as it carries a lifelong and life changing value. If chosen right, they will make people and their families fondly remember you for generations to come.

Everyone has hobbies and you will always bump into someone who is keen on knitting. Be it the next door girl, your pregnant family member/friend, your friends mother or your grandma or your gardener. It doesn’t even have to be a female. The meditative and calming effects of knitting generate feeling of happiness, cure stress and anxiety. This has been found by Harvard Medical School’s Mind and Body Institute. So whats stopping you? Lets explore some unique gifts for knitters.

Now, its keen to understand before hand if the person you are gifting is a experienced or a beginner. For the beginner, we recommend a small knitting kit and a handbook. So that they can slowly start learning the and have the right tools to get going. Since, it does need much space, people can knit almost anywhere. And also during a commute to office in the bus while listening to music. So the gifts can be broadly classified into Books, Materials and Kits.

A beginner will be very happy with this small kit and the enclosed handbook of 50-100 projects should keep them busy for the first few months. They need to learn beginner patterns, techniques and designs till they gain finger dexterity to move to more complex ones. Can you imagine the joy when they first receive it and the days of happiness as they slowly see the knit job approach completion? They and their family will remember you for a long time. Order this kit now as its on lowest price ever before it goes out of stock. We always give you the best advice. 🙂

Next and our all time favorite is the Doll knit book. Why? Because all females love dolls irrespective of age. Also its a small and easy job and dolls can be the easiest and quickest project to complete. So can help your friends and family take their knitting skills to the next level and create an adorable collection in no time. Quick, easy, decorative, beautiful, satisfying, ageless, long lasting, I am going to run our of adjectives here. Best gift for an expecting mother and young children to keep them busy and productive at the same time.

Gift something and forge a bond forever. Do it now!

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