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Is doge coin a hype or a joke? We investigated.


Well, if the headline didn’t reveal in itself, Doge is just a false alarm. So we have invested more time and effort to understand if it’s a hype or a well-timed joke. We did some research and have been following Mr. Musk and his tweets closely since the start of this year. The only person who gave any credibility and value to Doge was Mr. Musk, with a lot of vested interests. We can understand the hype around Bitcoin, but Doge?

See, its already April (its April Fools month anyways) and if it’s not clear by now that Mr. Musk played a joke on you all year and all the while filled his coffers, chances are you are born 2,000 years late. Because, this level of naïve people only existed back then or maybe earlier in 200 BC. You have to be a special kind of person to be brainwashed so easily. The writing is on the wall and so everyone in the financial markets are staying away from it. Did you even hear any of the top crypto investors get into it? Did you even research if it had anything of significant value to it? Awww. Don’t feel bad now. Better late than never is what we always advise in financial and crypto markets. So if you’ve made a mistake, accept it or the fact that you also have a small dick? Hmm let’s not go there. I don’t want to stray into sadder parts of your biology, but the fact is Doge was and is being used to divert all attention from Bitcoin. Did you notice action on Bitcoin fade away in the last fortnight and move to Doge? Only fools (including small dickheads) have invested time, effort, money and stupidity into Doge. And just like all the peak runs, Doge will eventually sink, along with all their hopes. The only thing you can do is to stop blabbering about it because everyone is already laughing about you behind your back. Make it less obvious, and save some face for your family if not for yourself. Happy April Fool’s month. You just contributed to Mr. Musk’s wealth. Jump before this Titanic sinks.


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