Girl from Haryana

People ask why I make YouTube videos like the way i do? here is the answer… check the photos below and share them with everyone.. this is the kind of women in Indian society and then people blame men. .

i have been very badly cheated by 3 women in my life. I am exposing the first one. I knew this girl for over a year after we first met, because she

Its an old story, but my wounds are still fresh. A girl from Haryana named Shilpa Dahiya, who I met on a matrimony website 10 years back. It was a matrimony, so my family and her family knew about matrimony proposal even before I spoke to Shilpa. This girls brother is a doctor in Gurugram (but is a typical goonda), mother was a principal of some college, father was a so-so guy. I was in Mumbai and she was in Gurugram, so it was mostly phone talk. The day I met her first, I met her brother too. The next day I met her parents as well. My relatives had spoken to them about our marriage and I had met her brother and parents too. nothing was hidden. Hidden were the facts that the girl was hiding in the email.

I doubt her parents knew of all her secret life.. she had

  1. multiple boyfriends
  2. highly active sex life
  3. at least one abortion which she clearly mentioned in her email.
  4. I am sure she had more abortions because she mentioned in her email, that her Ovaries were completely destroyed. meaning she wont be ever able to bear a child.

These are the kind of women in Indian Society today.. I was very lucky to get my hands on the email and tell me what you would do if you found that this was a girl on Bharat Matrimony and and she was about to get married to me. You tell me what will you do when you find out,

  1. the girl is literally a prostitute.
  2. she has hidden all these horrible facts from probably her parents and brother too. its criminal if the parents and brother were aware of facts.
  3. she was on the verge of getting married and so was on matrimony websites.
  4. she was ready to completely cheat and destroy someone else life, who does not know her reality.

Any person who has been 1000000% honest, will never be able to take this kind dishonesty towards them. I was taken for a complete ride for nearly 6-8 months and was almost going to get married to her. I am a different person now and now my aim to show the the reality of the world on my channel. don’t blame me, blame the bitches who spoiled my life.

(I have removed Personal details from the email, because I am aware there are even worse people in Indian society who will email them and take advantage of this situation also.)



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