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====================================== OFFICIAL DISCLAIMER ======================================

Information on this page has been collated from different websites, whatsapp, telegram groups and Facebook. The idea is to present all information on one page. However, we are in no way responsible for the authenticity of the information. Users are requested to verify the information themselves before making any choice or financial transaction. All efforts behind this page are to help India fight Covid successfully. All our efforts are only in charity and there is no money made out of his activity. 

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Shared below is the list of all resources locally available in most states.

Information on Hospitals, Beds, Oxygen Supplies, Plasma, Medicines, Ambulance, Food n Tiffin Services – Full India.  


Pan India Covid 19 help Information –>


===== All the Resources ====


==== Oxygen Resources ====



==== Hospital Beds ====



==== Plasma Donors ====

Pan India Plasma Donor List. Pls add your name if you want to donate –>Corona Clusters


====Volunteer WhatsApp / Telegram Groups ====


Local Covid Telegram Groups list. Search for “Covid Mumbai”, “Covid NCR”, Covid Chattisgarh” to get the respective groups. Examples given below. share with me more groups if you know



==== Instagram/ Twitter ====



==== Important Links ====



==== Meals and Food Supply ====

Anybody in Delhi NCR who is suffering from covid and unable to cook food, here ISKCON is providing free and healthy meals to them. Can contact at below numbers.



==== Other Massive Information Resources ====




==== Misc.  Resources ====

Covid Gurgaon Resources –> Covid Gurgaon


———- Kolkatta Covid Resources ———-


================= END OF ALL INFORMATION =================


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God Bless you.

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