Best Email Marketing Software

Best Email Marketing Software


At the onset it would be pertinent to know, what is email marketing? Email marketing is the fast, cost effective, and flexible way to reach of your customers to bring in new business or to retain an already existing relationship. The immediate aim of most email marketing efforts is to increase the website visits by potential customers.

There are several advantages of using emails to market a product or service. Some of them have been discussed in the below.

  • Cost effective: Emails are the cheapest mode of communication that is available currently. So it is possible to have an email campaign set up with minimal cost which could always mean lesser cost per customer acquired.
  • Permission based: Commonly, emails are received by people who have given the necessary authorization for the sender to convey email messages. Thus, it is based on the permission given by the receiver to the sender. An act otherwise would mean that the email could be ending up in the spam folder and without being read.
  • Flexible: With emails, it is possible to be flexible in approach. Thus, the emails could be text, graphic pictures and attached files. The choice is made by the sender so as to create the most impact as possible.
  • Scalable: It is possible to scale the email campaign from a few targeted lists to large scale campaigns involving thousands of messages being send out. This feature is particularly useful in the growth of digital marketing sources.
  • Personalization: No matter the scale of the campaign, it is possible to personalize each email that is being sent out to the target audience. It is also possible to segment the marketing list so as to have a much-focused approach to the marketing plan.

Thus, it can easily be seen that email marketing is an important step in the digital marketing efforts; both for its reach as well as penetration to the sender.

What Is Email Marketing Software?

When embarking on an email marketing campaign, marketers use a service-based software to send out emails. This particular software is what the email marketing software is all about.  There are several uses that the software can be put to. One to grow the marketing funnel by increasing the recipients of the emails. Secondly by building customized templates which can be applied to the marketing campaigns thus increasing on efficiency of operations and building more segmented and targeted lists that ensures a better reach to the end customer.

Since there are plenty of choices when it comes to the email software to be used, it basically boils down to what the customer needs to focus on in its use. The right email software application is something that can meet the business needs of the person at an affordable cost to the user.

  • Email Templates: The right email marketing software would have just the right kind and types of templates to use for the campaign. It varies from newsletters, announcements, and promotions and beyond. The templates must also be easily customizable to meet the requirements and needs of the situation.
  • A Powerful Builder: In the present era of DIY marketing, we need an email marketing software that can be used as a drag and drop feature. This would ensure that there are minimal times and cost spent on training and familiarization of the user as far as possible.
  • Mobile Friendly: With more and more of emails being sent and received on the mobile, it would not be wise to choose an email system that is not mobile ready and mobile friendly.

When deciding to use a particular email marketing software, the user must look at the above mentioned three points before deciding on a final choice. Often the best software is a compromise on what the customer aspires to have and what he can afford to have too.

Best Email Marketing Software

There are quite a few email marketing software in use and that is because email marketing is an ever-present feature of any modern digital marketing activity. It would thus be in order that some of the best email marketing software is discussed in brief below.

  1. Mailchimp: This is a fully integrated email marketing suite that takes are of the end customers as well as the related parties in the deal. There are a large number of templates on offer as well as a fair amount of customization possible. Mailchimp could also be the easiest ones to use and remains one of the more popular email platforms available today.

Mailchimp is a browser-based software platform and thus does not require any plugins to be installed nor any software downloads.  But it is important to enable the cookies and JavaScript to make it work.

  1. Hubspot Marketing Hub: Hubspot is more than just an email marketing software, it is a marketing tool in its entirety. It can be used by the individual, small business and scaled up to the enterprise level as well. It enables each customer to have a very personalized experience and makes for an intuitive experience using it.

Since Hubspot is one of the most marketing tools to be had through email marketing, it goes that people using the platform needs to be trained and familiarized with its working most of the time.

  1. Keap: With some of the most powerful features to be offered to small businesses, Keap remains one of the topmost email marketing software application to be had. Since it is principally aimed at the small enterprises, it does have an attractive costing as well for the most parts. It is possible to design great looking email campaigns, customize the templates and track how the emails are being received at the other end.
  2. ActiveCampaign: Used by over 130,000 businesses and at over 170+ countries, ActiveCampaign, meaningfully engages and connects with their customers. It does undertake a fair degree of automation and helps create directly acting templates that keeps the layers in between the sender and the recipient to the bare minimum.
  3. Freshmarketer: It is possible to use Freshmarketer to approach clients directly and to gain market share with some of the most targeted campaigns possible. This is a completely automated tool that provides the user with contact lists, designs and delivers compelling selling campaigns and synchronizes the marketing campaign.
  4. SendGrid: This is a cloud based email client that allows the user to send emails without maintain servers to do so. The strongest customers of SendGrid are those wanting to send out digital receipts and transactional mails.
  5. SendinBlue: SendinBlue is a comprehensive digital marketing platform that not just sends emails but integrates SMSs too with the messaging. The inbox enables the separation of mails and messages but manages to keep everything under one roof.
  6. Omnisend: Drives more sales by converting the maximum visitors to customers. There is a 360-degree approach to communications with emails, SMSs and chats encompassing the sphere of action. It can be integrated to all the popular ecommerce platforms available.
  7. Campaign Monitor: Provides a large number of customizable templates that is not just restricted to the texts but goes on into very graphical presentations as well. There is on offer a completely automated working that not just is convenient but rather effective too.
  8. Robly: Robly is one of the most innovative email marketing applications available for use and promises to grow the influence by up to four times the normal. It is possible to use multi-variant testing to ensure that most amounts of emails are opened out to be read.


When it comes to email marketing software, there are many variants as has been discussed above. Some of them are more user friendly than the others with just a few sessions to have the operation under control. While some are more customizable than the others too.

It is really up to the customer to decide what all features that he needs for the email campaign and to match it with the available budget as well. The most cost-effective solution in each case could also be most often the most suited bit of email marketing software too.

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