Bali Weather and Bali Travel

Indonesia is a country and Bali is its province. In this article, I will give you valuable information on Bali weather, the ideal time to visit Bali as per the local Bali weather and general information on Bali as a tourist destination.

The capital of Bali province is Denpasar city. Bali is actually an island not very far from mainland Indonesia and is the most famous tourist attraction in Indonesia. Historically, Bali has been popular as an island of a thousand Hindu temples. Many people incorrectly believe that Bali is a country. Its not difficult to be near a Hindu temple at any point in Bali. In fact, you will be amazed at the temple architectures which are beautiful designs carved entirely out of Black/ Brown stones. This color combination looks awe-inspiring when seen in person. You will be also surprised to see beautifully decorated temples as big as a large house that are actually private places of worship for certain families only. Its interesting to note that Indonesia is one of the largest Muslim countries and Bali is the only province with a high Hindu population of more than 80%. Such a cultural contrast is rarely seen anywhere else in the world.

Tourism forms more than 80% of the local Bali economy. With good weather throughout the year, Bali is basically open to tourists the whole year. Although most tourists prefer to visit the summer months from April to September, and typically try to avoid the rainy season from October to March. But trust me, Bali is even more beautiful in the rains. Its also important to note that it can rain anytime of the year in Bali. Bali has been known to have nonseasonal rains as well which is ideally a relief during summers. So come prepared when you visit. Details of Bali weather are given below

Bali weather January – Heavy rains
Bali weather February – Moderate rains
Bali weather March – Moderate rains
Bali weather April – End of rains. Few rains spells and weather begins to get hotter.
Bali weather May – Start of summer.
Bali weather June – Very hot and humid. But enjoyable outdoors.
Bali weather July – Very hot and humid. But enjoyable outdoors.
Bali weather August – Very hot and humid. But enjoyable outdoors.
Bali weather September – End of summer. Few rains spells &weather begins to get milder.
Bali weather October – Start of Rains
Bali weather November – Moderate rains
Bali weather December – Heavy rains

Few examples of weather in areas of Bali.
Bali weather Seminyak – Follows the routine pattern of Bali
Ubud weather – Bit colder than other areas as its enclosed by vegetation.
Bali weather Kuta – Follows the routine pattern of Bali

What makes Bali unique is the cultural mix of Hindu and Muslim religions/ communities and they way they beautifully gel together, the amazing natural beauty throughout the year, natural beauty no too far away wherever you go, beautiful natural landscapes, lush green environment, beautiful white and black sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, beautiful sea and sights.. I can just go on and on. There is simply no end to admiring the beauty in Bali.

Due to this Bali has also become a lovers paradise and a really beautiful honeymoon destination for young couples. Not only that, even couples who are in a relationship find this an amazing place to make their love blossom. You will also find middle aged and old aged couples visiting to re-kindle their love and relationship. From romantic getaways to romantic sunsets, from wine at the beach to dinner dates, from beach parties to beach side strolls, from sunset cruises to couples massage therapies, wow..! already making plans in your head eh? Truly a love paradise, I have rarely found places which are so ideal for love. I will write a separate vlog for this soon.

Also Bali is uniquely located in the Southern hemisphere. Its called the Coral Triangle which is a part of tropical marine waters of Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Philippines. The marine diversity (coral, fishes and underwater life) is amazing and the best in the world. In simple words, you get to see the best underwater life and a lot of variety which is not so easy any where else in the world. No wonder it is a divers paradise as well. More on that in other blogs.

Check out this video to know more – Bali Weather and Bali Travel

An excellent tourism policy has ensured a free Visa entry for almost all countries. Therefore tourism has only boomed. You do not need a visa for Bali, just a flight ticket. Even the immigration is the easiest I have ever been to. They only ask your return flight date and fingerprints! That’s it. Bali is also relatively cheaper than the other tourist destinations while still offering very unique beauty. Bali has natural beauty, wonderful sea and sea life and cultural advantage and this is why it is one of the top tourist attractions for the short and long term tourist. I have known people who stay there for 3-6 months or more and work online to make money. Not bad.

The population of Bali is only around only 4 million and so it is not very densely populated. In fact you will easily find as many tourists as locals. There are also many places, where you will hardly find any people and so a quick getaway is not very difficult to find and explore. There are many areas in Bali, prominent being Denpasar, Kuta, Legian, Ubud, Canggu and Seminyak. So selecting a place to stay can be really difficult. But let me make it easy for you. For the usual tourist, Kuta is the place to be. Close from the airport, close to all tourist locations and not expensive as well. Denpasar city is one of the most important and developed city and so even the International Airport is located in and named Denpasar (DPS).

Geographically, Bali is 150 kms wide (and 110 kms north to south) which makes it a really large island. The overall area of Bali is 5,577 square km or 2,153 square miles. Singapore is only 721 square km or 278 square miles, which makes Bali 8 times greater!! wow!! so you can imagine Bali as a small country in itself. Now you will understand why I said people can live here for a few months as there is a lot of places to cover and explore. My detailed guide series will help you out. You should also watch my Youtube videos if you want to see what I write here. My blogs will be a reflection of my Youtube videos and so you can relate both of them. This will help you make plans and travel better.

In this island you have lot of mountains and 2 active volcanoes. Yes Mount Batur and Mount Agung are very much active and erupt on a regular basis. This affects all the flight schedules for a number of days and tourists usually travel to Jakarta to take flights. Mount Agung or Gunung Agung elevation is 3000 meters and Mount Batur is 1700 meters. Due to the volcanoes, the land soil has exceptional fertility. They erupt very regularly nowadays and multiple times a year, although severe eruptions affecting life are still little rare.

Bali opened to tourism around 1970’s but now has rapidly developed to become one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Rarely any other place offers such diversity of natural beauty and tourist entertainment. Bali has around 3 million tourists annually and is a favorite destination among Chinese, Japanese, Australian, French, German and Indians. English is very well spoken around the island.

The currency in Bali is the Indonesian rupiah (IDR). And due to the huge currency devaluation 10 USD will get you around 1.4 million Rupiyah. USD to IDR is approximately 1:14,000. Welcome to the Millionaire Club!! Everyone feels a instant millionaire when in Bali and its a rare psychological moment to enjoy, when you can trick your mind into believing you are super rich, until you reach any of the local store.

I feel this has been a good start to the Bali vlog series and with many more to come I am sure it will be an interesting read. Please stay tuned for more and share your feedback/ queries. Don’t feel shy to join in and write a few blogs for us and be featured on our website. Please do share this with your friends and family on Social Media. Cheers and happy travels.