Are the original Apple AirPods worth the money?



Launched in 2016, the Apple AirPods took the world and Apple ecosystem by storm. No one had imagined Apple coming out with this wonderful piece of sophisticated hardware that performed this well. But Apple being Apple, beat all expectations. They became an instant hit with masses and had people queuing up outside stores to grab them. They were later upgraded in 2019 and a new AirPods Pro launch gave them some competition within the brand. Also, there are rumours about the AirPods Pro Lite and AirPods 3 in future.


So what the future look like for the original AirPods. Well, there has never been a better time to grab a pair for yourself. With so many options and also the launch of the over-ear headphones AirPods Max, the price of the original ones has reduced quite a bit. It’s as if Apple is offering you a discounted product with the same features and functionality. Its quality and performance is still the best in the industry and will continue to remain so. Since the original ones have now been discontinued, but they are still available at some retailers because everyone wanted to get the new products. So with a little effort, you will still be able to get your hands on a pair. They are still good when it comes to design, comfort, sound quality, connectivity, Siri controls, and battery life. The only areas that are lacking and needs attention is the fit and Siri Having a silicon ear tip would have enhanced the fit since the hard plastic does not fit so well. They also rely completely on Siri to manage and control audio playback. So every time you want to control something, you have to ask Siri, which can be uncomfortable to some considering the competition has better features. Other than that, its still a great product.


Their overall Pros and Cons have been listed below:


    • Good sound quality
    • Good noise cancellation
    • Good battery life
    • Fast charging speed


    • Fit could be improved with a silicon cap
    • It can seem expensive when compared to other similar products
    • USB-C charging cable in box
    • You need to access the phone every time you want to control the music


You can check out the Apple products here: Apple Music Products

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They surely are the best true wireless ear phones for you to buy. Our verdict is in favor of buying them. Go for the latest ones if you can, but if they sound too expensive for your wallet or taste, do not hesitate to look for the original ones. Do search online as well as local retailers and you will surely find a good pair for yourself. Apple products are great and stand the test of time and use. Happy Shopping!

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